and how serious can anything really be? not very.
writers are desperate people and when they stop being desperate they stop being writers.
innerr-space asked: Who are your favourite poets?

Oohh you asked the right question right here.

  • Bukowski
  • Keats
  • Allen Ginsberg
  • Arthur Rimbaud (And every one of his poems was written under the age of 16!)
  • (some bits of) Sylvia Plath
  • Oscar Wilde (The Ballad of Reading Gaol is one of the best lumps of poetry I’ve ever read. If you haven’t read it you should definitely check it out)
  • Oh, and Yeats is fantastic too!

If anyone has any other poets they love that they’d like to share with me I’m always ready to hear!

Anonymous asked: How do you edit your poems with pictures? You really have a talent btw your poems are great

Thanks! I usually write the poem on my cp, take a screenshot, then open Microsoft paint (or any utility to that capacity) and copy/paste the picture alongside the screenshot. Hope that helps!

Anonymous asked: Do you literally just take a picture with your phone of what you wrote on your computer?

I write them on my computer using office writer then I take a screenshot :)

"People want innocence almost as badly as they want to lose it.”
— E.D.
"My dear, your head is emptier than your heart.”
— E.D.
Anonymous asked: Can I submit one of my poem edits so you can post it?

Oh, sorry for the late reply! This blog is only for my personal poems, so I can’t. But I’d sure read it if you wanted?

"But we rush and we write and we stroke against the pulse of this great galaxy, fighting for our right to peace, dying for our right to live, and then once gone, retreating back to our inky lines of black. We slaughter and birth, replenish and deplete and yet still, we exist. Even in death, we exist just as all the poets have; in the trees and in the shadows, in the endless pools of sun and in the ether that wreaths our world, sleeping at the floor of the cosmos, dreaming us into stars that settle, like foam, in the banks of the universe, never to go unnoticed, never to navigate our own course. And even when we are extinguished from the inside out, still we burn, existing softly, gently, alighting the nights and making the endless Dark a bit less unbearable. For a time, at least. For only a short time.”
"Never condemn yourself for wanting to be someone else. Anyone who’s made any difference at all has wanted to be another person at one point or another; It’s how we keep from growing stagnant in our lives. It’s how we change, evolve.
There is no greater enemy to growth than complacency.”