and how serious can anything really be? not very.
writers are desperate people and when they stop being desperate they stop being writers.
"I’m too tired to cry and too sad to sleep.”
— unknown (via vertigose)
"But we rush and we write and we stroke against the pulse of this great galaxy, fighting for our right to peace, dying for our right to live, and then once gone, retreating back to our inky lines of black. We slaughter and birth, replenish and deplete and yet still, we exist. Even in death, we exist just as all the poets have; in the trees and in the shadows, in the endless pools of sun and in the ether that wreaths our world, sleeping at the floor of the cosmos, dreaming us into stars that settle, like foam, in the banks of the universe, never to go unnoticed, never to navigate our own course. And even when we are extinguished from the inside out, still we burn, existing softly, gently, alighting the nights and making the endless Dark a bit less unbearable. For a time, at least. For only a short time.”
"Never condemn yourself for wanting to be someone else. Anyone who’s made any difference at all has wanted to be another person at one point or another; It’s how we keep from growing stagnant in our lives. It’s how we change, evolve.
There is no greater enemy to growth than complacency.”
"Another lover hits the universe. The circle is broken.
But with every death comes rebirth. And like all lovers and sad people … I am a poet.”
— Kill Your Darlings (via rivulo)
onedirectionyeah1 asked: Hey, I wanted to know how do you post your poems like picture and what font do you use? because I've seen a lot of writing blogs using the same font that you use on yours. Keep up with all your poems, I really enjoy reading them :)

Thank you! I think this may have been answered in my FAQ, but I use both georgia and times new roman and to take a picture I just screenshot it by pressing control+shift+4 on my mac C:

but god I love this world …
It’s the people I’m not too fond of

hellothisismydarkside-deactivat asked: you really have a gift lovely. <3 c: I hope you take that far in life.

Oh, you’re much too kind dear. Thank you though!!